With his pregnant wife, Prakash introduced the family, from Sunit to Santishri.

When Prakash was having his second child, on the occasion of his 10th wedding anniversary, Prakash also told everyone that he was going to have his second child, he introduced his family members to the audience. Actors Santishree Periyar, Preeti Ale, Sunita Dulal, Samjhana Lamichhane, who have been successful in all projects by collaborating with Prakash Saput, have talked about their collaboration with him and the steps they will take in life.

Prakash Saput planned to surprise people without letting anyone know. Suddenly, when the husband started to perform, he and his wife Bindu also became confused. Prakash Saput, who is in love, has said that Bindu had a hand in reaching here, while Yamana has said that now she has the urge to marry herself. Recently in the field of music, singer Santisree has been in discussion because she has worked in 3 projects, but she said that she got a lot of appreciation from them.

Prakash Saput, a singer, hero and creator who has received a lot of attention from the field of Nepali music, has not met with his fellow artist Medea for a long time, he said that he held a small program on the anniversary day. Bindu said that she was just as happy when she was about to give birth to her second child after a long time. Bindu said that she used to like her son, but now because of her busy schedule, she doesn’t give her much time.

No one knows when a person’s life will change. In human life, even if someone works all his life, there will be no change in their life. Sometimes the life that is not even enough to bring food is now going to get what they thought they wanted, the people who came to the city with the idea of ​​doing something in the Kalakarita area from a young age are able to live a successful life because of their hard work.

A thing that looks beautiful from the outside may also have a lot of problems inside. There are many people who are changing their lives by entering the black market, people are moving forward with their lives according to their goals and desires. A person’s life also does not know where it has reached in an instant. The suffering of a person during his life gives him happiness later. If people suffer a lot at first, they will get happiness later, they are used to playing with pain. The struggles that happen during life are not less for anyone, human life is so powerful that no one can weigh it. Although everything in the world is measured and weighed, human life and human heart could never be weighed.

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