Women found 17 Lakh in Taxi, women should be like this.

People have their own kind of pains and struggles in their life. People enjoy various joys and sorrows in their life. Nowadays, they are no less than anyone. People can earn a lot if they have the courage to do something in Nepal.  Even today women are abandoned by their husbands, it is difficult for them to make a living if their husbands die. Some brave women live in a better society than men.  That is why people have to take care of their time and do anything.


Bisnu Kumar, who started her journey of struggle from Pokhara, is now living a better life than her husband. She has proved that women are not inferior either.  There are different kinds of pleasures and sorrows. But you have to have the ability to play with all the pleasures and sorrows. In today’s digital world, there are different kinds of people.  Kuwar, who runs a small vegetable business, is now known as a successful woman.Kuvar, who started driving taxis 12 years ago, says that she can cope with the problems in her life. Kuvar, who got divorced after her second marriage, has two children.  Huda is also living a better life. She says people are bad, it is just an illusion to get into a taxi after drinking alcohol. People who drink alcohol are also thankful that our sister Baini would have been better off if she had been in my taxi.  She says that one of the brothers went to the place where the rent was 200 and thanked her with 500.

Kuwar, who got good support from Baba, initially used to drive a taxi number 4341. Now she says she uses a new taxi 2414. Drive a taxi inside and outside the valley. She says it is better to go outside the valley.  She says that she has worked hard in her life. She learned to drive with her husband for 3 days and nights. She says that she got her license by paying 3000 rupees in 15 days.  Kuwar to be a brave Mahika who has moved forward.

I remember the man who got into a taxi after drinking alcohol to send his son out. He forgot the 1.7 million bag in the taxi. He paid me 2,000 rupees.  She says the government has provided a loan of up to Rs 1.5 million for women entrepreneurs, but she regrets that she did not take the initiative.  She says that it would be better to bring it.

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