Women rights activist Srijana Wagle has accused Dalin Laxmi Gadal of murdering her character.

The relationship between Kishor Khatiwada and Laxmi Gadal is currently being discussed in Nepal. Women’s rights activist Sirjana Wagle was instrumental in settling the dispute over the immoral relationship between the two. But a few days ago, when it came out that Srijana had demanded money.

As far as Srijana was concerned, she went to Laxmi’s room, forced open the door and took her out. She even broke the window glass of Lakshmi. This act of creation had shocked everyone around and some have even abused Srijana. The law will determine how justifiable it is for a women’s rights activist to break open the door of a woman’s room and blackmail her. At first glance, this activity of his is not with justice.

It can be seen in the video that even the journalists who reached the spot were attacked. Saying that the media has killed her character, she told the journalist after reading about the religion of journalism and the rules and regulations that journalists should follow. She addressed the journalist directly with the word “you”.

The story of the incident is that Srijana had taken some media persons with camera to Laxmi’s room. Lakshmi, who was sitting behind the door, did not open the door after hearing Srijana’s action and her speech. Another woman who came with Srijana was also hurling insults at Laxmi. Srijana, who used to break the window glass and push the door, finally took Lakshmi out and crushed her. Laxmi had even called the police and Kishor Khatiwada citing the abuse being inflicted on her.

Police and teenagers arrived at the scene and a crowd of people gathered around. While crushing Lakshmi with black meat, some people are not allowed to touch her in this way. Srijana is abusing Laxmi saying that the allegations leveled against her should be confirmed. He has accused the media of killing his character by broadcasting the interviews of Lakshmi and Kishor.

She had also given an interview in a media saying that the claim that she had asked for Rs 1 million to settle the case of Lakshmi and Kishor was false. Not only that, Laxmi has accused Srijana of committing immoral acts with a woman (prostitute) and demanded proof to prove the matter. Because of this, she was angry with Lakshmi, saying that even her family called her bad. Srijana had even lodged a police report against Kishor and Laxmi saying that the allegations against her were false and that she had killed her character.

Some people who are closely watching the mistreatment of Lakshmi by Srujana have said that Srujana should not be called a women’s rights activist. Women’s rights activists have taken Srijana and Laxmi to the police station asking for further investigation into the incident. Police have also taken Kishor Khatiwada to the police station for further questioning.

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