WON: Balen Shah the Mayor of Kathmandu Metro – 5 interesting personal & Manifesto of Ktm development

In Nepal, independent candidates seldom win important elections, but Balen Shah, sometimes known as Balen or Balendra Shah, has reversed the course of history.


Despite political pundits’ predictions that he would lose, and despite the fact that his claim of 90,835 votes was not verified, he was elected mayor of Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital. While the vote counting is likely to be completed in a few hours, it is certain that, at 32, he will become one of Nepal’s youngest mayors.

But it’s not just about your age. In every manner, Balen Shah’s win reflects the concept of transformation. His victory is a victory of transition, given his background.

Balen Shah is a well-known character in Nepalese music, particularly in the hip-hop scene, and is best known for his freestyle rap battles. He pursued both his studies and his musical profession at the same time. He has his own YouTube account as well. For a long time, Shah has pushed for social causes in his songs. However, now that he has been elected mayor, he wants to tackle them head on.

Balen Shah became involved in rescue and relief efforts after the devastating earthquake of 2015, and he also developed a reputation as a social worker. Even before his nomination was filed, Kathmandu’s youth expressed their admiration for the young and emerging leader. His nomination was widely hailed, and the election results attested to his popularity. Shah received votes not just from the outskirts, but also from the heart of the city.

The engineer-turned-leader is also irritated by the senior leaders who have held the position of power for a long period. Even simple paperwork from government offices need the public to wade through a lot of red tape. This time, the young voters’ common discontent drew a large number of ballots and hopes from city inhabitants.

As a result, his election campaign was dubbed #BalenForMayor #AbaYuvaKoPalo [It’s now the time of the youngers]”. Balen Shah’s goal, according to him, is to create a healthy environment in which people are both emotionally and physically fit.

Balen Shah graduated from the White House Institute of Technology with a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering and a master’s degree in structural engineering from the Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology in Karnataka, India. According to him, this will be critical to his tenure’s success.

If he is elected mayor, he wants to improve Kathmandu’s infrastructure. He argues that his structural engineering knowledge is an advantage in this regard. His objectives include modernizing and adapting Kathmandu roadways for electric cars, as well as creating physical infrastructure. He has already worked on many rebuilding projects in various sections of the country as an engineer.

Balen Shah’s exceptional achievement reveals a bigger picture of Nepali democracy’s development. To keep the city’s infrastructure in good repair, he plans to create an infrastructure ambulance. In his manifesto, he promises to build a cosmopolitan Nepa Valley with a digital government and idea bank, as well as an innovation center for creative entrepreneurs and new ideas.

Similarly, he says his focus will be on education, sanitation, and waste management, as well as universal access to water, the preservation of art and culture, increased tourism, and pollution control. He believes that those with talents will be hired above those with a degree.

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