‘Work talk’ – test broadcast, Rabi Lamichhane

popular host and also a popular TV presenter Rabi Lamichhane. Rabi lamichanne is also a Guinness World record holder. He broke the record by continually conducting the show that goes on air in non-stop format for 64 hours. He conducted the show and break the record on the topic of “Buddha was born in Nepal”.  He is best known for his “detective-style” and he also raise the direct questions to Nepal’s bureaucracy regarding the hindrances of their offices in various sectors.

Rabi Lamichhane is a known face TV Presenter who came in the limelight from his program “Work talk” which is broadcasted from Television. Rabi Lamichhane is also a Guinness World Record holder for conducting the longest non-stop television show. Rabi was born on 13 september, 1974 in Kathmandu, Nepal

He is known for his detective style of presentation the show to address the various issue of the Nepalese people and also the issues of country. He is married to Nikita Poudel in the year 2019.

Rabi Lamichhane is a Nepalese television presenter. He hosts a popular television show, “Work talk”, which addresses the root causes of different issues that occurs inside the country”. He is also best known for his “detective-style”. He raises a direct question to the Nepal’s bureaucracy regarding the problems of the country in various sectors.
Lamichhane interviewed the top politicians, journalists, celebrities, and took the phone calls from different viewers while conducting the marathon show.

In April 2013, he set the Guinness world record at over 62 hours program show, the record has since been broken later by Alexandru Raducanu of Romania where Alexandru hosted an over 72-hour-long show. The main motto of the show was to bring the root problems of the country from the different corners of Nepal and try to resolve it using different approaches. Rabi was best known for his straight forward nature. He was full of bold and active personality who never low down his character in front of any top politicians, leaders and journals of the country.

His bold voice added the marvelous style of presenting himself in the show. He is an eye star of many Nepalese youth. In his show, he raised all the question regarding politics, economics and socio- culture sectors. He interviewed the top politicians of the country in a very daring way. Many are fond of his hosting and presenting style.  Lamichhane collects up the complaints from the ordinary people, mostly who are victims of fraud or corruption, and encounters the ostensible doer on camera. He is one of the top journalists of Nepal.

After becoming the celebrity of Nepal and be in a limelight, many people raised the voice against his journalism style, many people try to down his character, many want to show him as a criminal and as a fraud. Despite of many controversaries, he neither lack his energy nor down his boldness style and always march his way towards his journalism.

On 15 August 2019, police arrested rabi from his News 24 office. He was arrested in the suicidal case of journalist Salikram Pudasaini. One video record was found where pudasaini claimed that Rabi was the main reason behind attempting the suicide. Chitwan police arrested Lamichhane along with two others with abetment of suicide case. His arrest give rise to the widespread protest rallies in his support across the country.

Thousands of young people came into the streets in Chitwan. Protestors show Lamichhane’s arrest as an attempt to squelch his journalism and as revenge for his exposure of corruption in the state. Lamichhane was released on Rs 500,000 bail later. The case is still pending at the Chitwan District Court. Lamichhane resigned from the network of Sidha Kura Janta Sanga and moved to Galaxy 4K, where he is now hosting Sidha Kura (Straight Talk). Now the show is hosted by the Television presenter Samjhana Bhujel. Bhujel ia also known for her boldness character in the show and the show is still in continuity in the News24.

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