Yatri Electric Bike (Project One) First Look

Yesterday March 22 Nepali Electric Bike (yatri) have anounced the first look, Its is Project ONE (P-1) While the company first-gen Project Zero (P-0) is inspired by the cafe racer series of bikes, P-1 is a lightweight “dual-sport” bike instead. As a result, this on/off-road hybrid motorcycle is ideal for Nepal’s unpredictable roads.

Yatri says the main goal with Project ONE was “to make it accessible to more and more people”. The company hasn’t disclosed the pricing details of both bikes right now. But, Yatri is holding a public demo on April 23 (Friday) for both P-0 and P-1 which is when the company will be accepting pre-orders for them as well. Plus, the price of Project Zero and Project ONE in Nepal will be revealed on the same day.

The bike can run up to 230km far away in the full charge of 2 hours. It has the power of 8 Kilo watt per hour and 3.3 kilo watt unbolt charger. It consists of different mobile apps inside it which includes- android and iOS antihate, servicing appointment, roadside assistance and many more. The project of their work will be uploaded in their website since the month of April where the customer can purchase the bike on down payment. The name of this motorbike is Yatri which is made by the young, energetic and highly skilled Nepalese youths.

The team of 7 workers which includes the 4 engineers have opened the Yatri motorcycle studio and had launched the way of designing the motorbike and its overall designing and manufacturing way. The developer of this company is Asim Pandey. According to him, all the sphere parts which need to be included inside the bike are designed in Nepal and with the collaboration of other counties like- America, China, India and other European countries. Some parts are designed in Nepal and made through the help pf abroad countries because of high cost to manufacture in Nepal. The bike consists of 4 hertz power.

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