Youngest Google Employee Tanmay Bakshi

Tanmay Bakshi is a 16 years old boy who is a citizen of India and is currently working in London as a software and cognitive developer. As he prefers to work in cognitive computer and Artificial Intelligence and  also likes to design and implement the algorithm. Apart from this he is also the speaker of TEDx and has also written the book named IBM watson. He is also the champion of IBM in cloud. He got a huge limelight before 3 years old in the sector of Information technology because at that period he got the opportunity to be the employee of a tech company named GOOGLE at the age of 13 and establish himself as the youngest employee of the company. 

At the age of 7 , he started to teach web development coding and Artificial Intelligence through Youtube. While talking about his educational career, he had done his academics in school till grade 6 and after that he did the home schooling and graduated with his +2 education. His father is also from a tech background and lives in Canada as an employee of a tech company as a computer programmer. So, from the age of 5 with the guidance of his father he started to code in simple programming languages like-FOXpro, BATCH etc. 

When he was 9 years old, he made the ‘tTable’ ios app which is accepted by the Apple store. He was interested in coding since his childhood and slowly his interest is explored in the AI sector as well. Has Artificial Intelligence taken over the world and human civilization? In this question, Tanmay replied that most of the people have the misconception that AI is made to take over  human civilization , but the real fact is developing for the ease and comfort of people’s lives. It will also help for the development of our skills.  

But in the future, if AI thinks itself as more intelligent than human beings,then what consequences will it bring in the near future? In this question, Tanmay replied as, if the day came when AI thinks itself as more intellectual than human beings, then the control will take over and it becomes beyond the case but it is only the technology till the date and is in the stage of initial development. We have to reach the singularity point to get peak success on AI and it takes a long period of time to reach upto that point.

 Tanmay has his own youtube channel through which he teaches programming, coding, algorithm, machine learning and most importantly the IBM Watson. He thinks that, in this technology field, there are only the limited resources available to learn. So to overcome this, he has written the book, spoken on the public platform and by making the videos and uploading it in his youtube channel. 

IBM Waston is all about a cognitive system which helps the developers to include the cognitive and  machine learning in the application rather than typing their own intelligence code. Most of the developers don’t want to include machine learning in their app because it is difficult and intellectual work but is very beneficial once included inside it. Till date, he has attended many popular programs and taught many of the intelligence persons around the world.

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