Yubaraj, the singer of Indreni, along with his wife for the first time in the media, cried remembering the past

Yubaraj Chaulagain, who has been working with the Indreni program for the past two years, along with his wife, has talked to laligurash daily presenter Kamal Sargam about his past sorrows and joys and various facts. Yubaraj, who has brought many songs to the market, is currently the acting chairman of Nepal Lok Dohori Pratisthan Karvepanchowk. He has just released his new song Indreni, from the youtube channel, by shooting the same song. .

He said that he lost his mother without realizing it in his life, his face was nowhere to be found, he said that when he remembers the misery he had suffered in his life, he would be happy to be with his family now. He said that he has found happiness in every step of his life by associating with people from all walks of life who are suffering in life. He said that when he came to Kathmandu 13-14 years ago, he cooked dal bhat tarikari for the same rent and stayed in a dark room. Initially, he worked as a bricklayer, but later he started painting, making donuts, running a vegetable shop, renting a hotel, singing in the evenings, and working as a radio presenter.

He said that the song was composed by Yubaraj and Rabina in the song “Labali Para” which was composed by Yubaraj and the lyrics were composed by Indreni’s entire team. . She said that she was very happy when the audience liked the song day by day and she got a good response from it. Yubaraj said that he was confident that the song would be a success as his wife had told him the song before. Since Kamal and Yubaraj are people from the same area, they have been in love with each other since Pagile, he said.

He said that Yubaraj has been able to make the journey so far to improve his socio-economic and intellectual status, suffering from a young age. He said that Yubaraj, who started his journey from business earlier, is still doing well after working in Indreni and has never been in touch for a long time. Yubaraj said that Krishna Kadel, Pratima Kadel’s brother-in-law was God for him and that he felt a different kind of happiness when he walked in the path shown by him. He said that after joining Indreni Tim, he was very happy to be able to fulfill his desire despite the pain of working.

The programs aired on Himalaya Television and Indreni Yuutube channel are watched by people in Indreni and abroad. The Indreni program, which has won the hearts of millions of viewers, has given birth to many artists and turned it into a life-saving temple for many. Bhasa culture and culture must be preserved, the program that has been constantly awakening the afflicted helpless and the positive culture of the village, has now become the heartbeat of millions of viewers.

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