Yugen went to Bhutan alone leaving Dayahang

Producers and actors were happy after the dui numbari movie got a good market, while the audience praised the movie for being good.  After the movie grossed more than 40 million, Yugen will return to Bhutan, leaving Dayahang Rai, who has been struggling in the Nepali film industry for a long time.

Yugen, who got the support of the audience in her first Nepali movie, said that she was very happy to get the audience’s love.  The actor said that he is very happy that the audience likes his hard work and acting.  She said that the theaters all over the country were full and the inspiration given by the audience after watching the movie gave her more motivation to work.
The movie number 2, which was screened all over Nepal from August 21st, saw the crowd and encouragement of the audience in the hall on the first day.  Many construction teams are very happy.  While watching the movie, the audience said that it was very good because the hero and heroines presented their acting in a decent and beautiful manner.
After the movie did good business on the first day, the audience suggested the production team continuously bring such movies to the market in the coming days as the movie was good.  Babri, who got a good response on the first day, said that even on the second day, the house was full from the afternoon, even though there were few viewers in the morning.  The audience was excited after watching the movie.

The trailer of the film ‘2 Number’ directed by Dipendra Lama was released in the middle of a program in the capital on Tuesday, the public trailer of 3 minutes and 17 seconds contains some important glimpses of the film. If the theme of friendship, love, and poachers is covered in the trailer, the strong presence of Dayahang Rai, Saugat Mall, Ugen Choden, Upasana Singh Thakuri, and Budhi Tamang can be seen in the trailer. Apart from Dayahang, Saugat, Ugen, Upasana, Budhi, Puskar Gurung, Sharda Giri,  Kavita Ale, Prakash Ghimire, Sushma Niraula, Biswas Gurung, Jayanand Lama, and others are also acting.

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